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21 Best WordPress Themes for Nonprofit Organizations (2019)

Are you looking for the best WordPress themes for nonprofits? Charity and nonprofit websites require an appealing presentation with the right tools to achieve their donation goals. It can be possible with the use of a professional WordPress theme. In this article, we will show you some of the best WordPress themes for nonprofit organizations… Continue reading

9 Smart Ways To Speed up WordPress & Increase Loading Time

Want to reduce your WordPress website loading time? Well, I’m sharing nine smart tricks that you could use right now to speed up a WordPress website. How to use SML WordPress Speedup Tutorial: SML = ShoutMeLoud Even though I have done my best to make this tutorial as beginner friendly as I could, it still… Continue reading

Aweber Promo Code & Discount (30 Days Free Trial)

Aweber is one most popular email marketing service that offers many advanced and cutting edge feature. At the same time, Aweber is simple to get started and they offer features like autoresponder, HTML templates, Send email blast, segment users, email sequence and automation, RSS to email to name a few features. Another reason for Aweber… Continue reading

How to Easily Display Code on Your WordPress Site

Do you want to display code in your WordPress blog posts? If you tried to add code like regular text, then WordPress will not display it correctly. WordPress runs your content through several cleanup filters each time you save a post. These filters are there to make sure someone does not inject code via post… Continue reading

How to Create a Sitemap in WordPress (XML and HTML)

You create a lot of great content at your WordPress site, but that content is only valuable if humans and search engines are actually able to find it. Sitemaps help you accomplish that by essentially giving humans and search engines a “map” of all the content on your “site” (hence the name). That makes them… Continue reading